Balluff successfully certified for ISO 9001:2015

As businesses are upgrading from the latest ISO standard to the newly revised ISO certification 9001:2015 standard, Balluff made an early commitment to the changes, allowing Balluff to be one of a few companies in the United States and the first of its competitors to receive this upgrade to the certification. The new ISO certification 9001:2015 standard has become a prominent way for Balluff to separate itself from a competitive market. By being one of the first in the segment to comply with the new ISO standard requirements, it has given Balluff the advantage of a more mature Quality Management System over the company's competitors.

In early 2015, Balluff formed a committee to begin creating a new quality management system. During the meeting, Balluff took the draft version of the ISO standard and began the transition from an independent quality management system into a global quality management system, creating communication from Balluff's global headquarters to every Balluff subsidiary around the globe. The "Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle" makes certain there is a plan in place, it is being executed, and has metrics on measuring the plan itself. Therefore, if there are any deviations outside the expected return in a particular process, then a standard requirement will be taken in to action.