Kuntai Machinery Manufactures exclusive Industrial laminating & cutting machines

Kuntai Machinery is dedicated to provide state of the art and top quality cutting and laminating rigs. They provide their clients with competitive services both in terms of product and after sales support.

Laminating and Cutting Machines are basically used for preparing a vast range of raw materials desired across industries. These are mainly used in industries that are involved like textiles, footwear, leather automotive interior, packaging. Kuntai Machinery is involved in production of different types of laminating machines, cutting machine, Bronzing, inspection and circle cutting machine. They are now a leading company in terms of production, R&D, and supply of the said machines.

The company is based at the international province of Jiangsu, China.  They are also leading in the manufacture and sheet material travelling and cutting machine. Kuntai Machinery believes in creating values with its clients around the world. They provide products that are manufactured and designed under stringent quality control and exact operational capabilities. Their products are both reliable in terms of performance and competitive prices. They offer 24 hours after sales service and also provide free installation.

The company has an ISO 9001, CE certification where their manufacturing section involves a fleet of CNC drilling mills, and polishing machines. This allows them to deliver the consignments to their clients with the support of their strong and wide network of transportation channels. The in-depth knowledge over the past 30 years that they have gathered through invention and limitless hours of R&D has helped them in coming up with different kinds of cutting machines. For the automotive industry, die cutting in multiple or single layers for non-metallic materials is used for which sheet material travelling head cutting machine is available on demand. This line up of machines is laden with high performance servo motors that allow precision rotational movement.

The manufacturing and finishing of consumer leather goods demands the cutting and finishing of in layer or layers of rolled material. Their range of abrasive paper die cutting machine provides the operator with multiple choices of feeding methods of raw materials in to the machine. The machine is controlled by advanced PLC unit that provides an ample amount of automation. Improved hydraulic system facilitates a quiet working environment and less wastage of hydraulic fluid. The year 2003 and 2009 marked the two main milestones in the history of the company when they were awarded the ISO 9001, ISO 2000 and ISO 9001 quality assurance certificates.