We An-Ser Communications Announces New Certification

QAS International provides certification to companies in various industries that have shown they meet international standards in operating practices through effective and thorough documented procedures and manuals. To receive certification, the company must meet or exceed certain criteria. Specifically, ISO 9001 is used in more than 178 countries around the world with more than one million organizations to set the standards and requirements for quality management systems. Meeting this standard shows a dedication to customer satisfaction and motivation by the staff for continuing improvement. The certification is a symbol of the hard work and continual training and monitoring that takes place within a company to ensure exceptional results.

Receiving the ISO 9001: 15ertification is evidence of We An-Ser Communications dedication to its customers. As Ashley Mazsaros of We An-Ser Communications says, "We always strive to maintain the highest level of customer service and quality management. It’s exciting to be recognized for our efforts." Receiving this certification will also provide other businesses with more confidence to use the services of We An-Ser for their own customers and workers. It sets the company apart from other customer service organizations and call centres, reassuring clients of their dedication to providing exceptional service in every situation. As one of the largest certification companies, QAS International is well-recognized within the industry and the certification carries a great deal of influence for those seeking to hire reputable companies within their field.